October 25- 29 Red Ribbon Week

October 25- Monday: War on Drugs (Wear Camo)

October 26- Tuesday: Drugs & I Don't Mix ( Dress as Tacky Tourist/Mismatch Clothes)

October 27- Wednesday: Peace, Love & No Drugs (Dress 70's or Ty-dye or sunglasses)

October 28- Thursday: Drugs are Scary (Halloween costume- no masks or scary costumes)

October 29- Friday: Bulldogs Against Drugs (Wear Red)

October 29- End of the 2nd Six Weeks

October 31- Lovewell Halloween Event at CHS from 5:30-8pm

November 1 - Staff Development- Student Holiday

November 2- Beginning of the 3rd Six Weeks

November 5- Report Cards go home 

November 12- House Party (Wear house colors)

November 22-26- Thanksgiving Holidays