Hello March

 March 2021

Important Dates:

March 1-31 Gifted and Talented Nominations

March 14: Spring Forward (Set Clock)

March 12: Staff Development (No Students)

March 15-19 Spring Break

March 23: Progress Notices go home

April 2: Good Friday (School Holiday)

April 6: 4th grade STAAR Writing

April 15: End of 5th Six Weeks

April 16: Staff Development (No Students)

April 19: 6th Six Weeks Begins

April 21: Report Cards go home

May 11: Progress Notices go home

May 11:   STAAR: 4th, 5th & 6th grade Math

May 12: STAAR: 4th, 5th & 6th grade Reading

May 13: STAAR: 5th grade Science

May 18: Band Concert at the Performing Arts Center


①Band directors will soon be testing 5th grade students for their instrument choices in the 2021-2022 school year. Band directors will mail home a letter to let you know which instrument your child would play if they choose to be in band.

②When 6th grade Elective forms are sent home, you will need to indicate on that form if your child will be in band.

*Parent permission is needed for a student to be in band. Please check the elective and sign.


(Updates will be posted on Facebook and the BK website when the Elective form is sent home with 5th grade students.)



June 1: First Day of Summer School

Gifted and Talented Nominations for 2021-2022

It is once again that time of year in which we begin to take nominations for our Gifted and Talented program. Nominations will be accepted during the month of March. If you would like to nominate your child for this program, please contact the Program Specialist, Mrs. Melanie McCormick at 693-8611 ext. 1317 for information.