6th Grade

We have begun our study of the Holocaust.  Our Holocaust test will be Wednesday, May 3rd.
STAAR testing will be Monday & Tuesday, May 8 & 9.

Our 5th 6 Weeks Test will be Wednesday, April 12th.

We have Benchmark exams April 3 & 4.  Our Pearl Harbor test is April 7th.

We have completed our study of the causes of WWII and the Rise of the Dictators during WWII.  Next week we will study the attack on Pearl Harbor.

We have finish our study of World War I.  Everyone should have turned in their map, WWI Players Chart, and Causes of WWI.  We took our WWI test today, 3/10/ 17.  When we return from Spring Break we will begin our study of World War II.

Next week is the end of our 4th 6 weeks!  All work is due.

As we begin our 4th 6 weeks we move into the World Wars.  We will study Western Europe, Northern, & Southern Europe to discover the location of most of the countries involved in World War I.  This will transition us into World War I for the remainder of the 6 weeks.

When we return from Christmas we will finish out the six weeks with a study of Russia.

We will finish the year with a unit on Christmas Around the World.  We will create projects about how other countries celebrate Christmas during the week of December 5 - 9.  Projects will be presented beginning Monday, December 12th.

We have completed our first 6 weeks!  Our students are working hard. This week we began our study of Mexico.  We will have three assignments, two of which are due this week.  If these two are not complete we will Zap students on Friday.  The third assignment is due next week. Our test is 10/12.  We begin our Mexico projects on 10/13 and present them on 10/21.
After Mexico we will study the National elections to close out the 6 weeks.

Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies! We are excited about this year! World Cultures is our assignment for 6th graders.  We will explore cultures and events around the world and how those events have and continue to affect our lives.  
We look forward to a year of students doing right, treating others as they want to be treated, and doing their best!
Mrs. DeJohn
Mrs. Williams


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