5th Grade

5th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies Instructors: Vanessa Taylor and Rhonda Wright

Welcome to 5th. Grade Social Studies. It is now time to have a blast in the past. It is going to be such an exciting learning adventure for the students this year. We are so eager to embark on a rigorous and fun curriculum for the students. The knowledge the students will gain this year in social studies will help assist them in all their future endeavors and academic goals.
States and Capitals Games:
 5th grade students are required to locate and identify all 50 states and capitals. The country will be divided into 4 regions where students will be quizzed over states and capitals of that region. Upon completion of the 4 regions, students will be TESTED over all 50 states and capitals. Below is a link that will connect to a game the students will enjoy while learning the states and capitals. Please encourage your student to learn the states and capitals.  They will be tested over the 50 states and capitals in the 2nd semester.

USA Geography

‚ÄčLessons Plans

SS Lesson Plan Week 1 17-18 (1).pdf
Week 2 2017-18 (1).pdf
Week 3 17-18.pdf
Week 4 2017-18.pdf
Week 5 2017-18 (2).pdf
Week 6 2017-18 (3).pdf
Week 7.pdf
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