4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade Math at Baker Koonce Intermediate School.   We know you are going to love it here at BK.   You can use this page to help find lesson plans and this weeks assignments. 

The 4th Grade math teachers are:

Caroline Carter:

Marylin Phillips:

Jennifer Tucker:

       Lesson Plans:
Unit 1 Place Value 2018.pdf
Unit 2 addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals .pdf
Unit 3 Multiplication lessonplans.pdf
Unit 4 Division lesson plans.pdf
Unit 5 all operations lesson plans.pdf
Unit 6 Fractions lesson plans.pdf
Unit 7 Data Representation Lesson Plans.pdf
Unit 8 measurement lesson plans.pdf
Unit 9 Geometry Lesson Plans.pdf
Unit 10 Measuring Angles Lesson Plans.pdf
Review Week 1 lesson plans.pdf
Review Week 2 Lesson Plans.pdf
Review Week 3 lesson plans.pdf
Review Week 4 lesson plans.pdf
Review Week 5 Lesson Plans.pdf
Review Week 6 Lesson Plans.pdf
Review Week 7.pdf
Review Week 8.pdf
Review Week 9.pdf
STAAR Week Lesson Plans.pdf
    Vocabulary Lists
place value vocabulary.pdf
Multiplication Vocabulary