6th Grade
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Welcome to 6th Grade Math at Baker Koonce Intermediate.  We are off to a great year!  You may come to this webpage to find lesson plans and assignments for each week.  

The objective of our math classes is to effectively teach the state mandated TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).  In doing that, students will be prepared to successfully take the STAAR test in May.  The curriculum is demanding and requires each student to be organized responsible.

Sixth grade math teachers:

Dana Chambe
rs            Kay Jones
Angie Gray                   

Lesson Plans

Week 1 - August 21-25 Week 1.pdf
Week 2 - August 28 - Sept. 1 Week 2 (4).pdf
Week 3 - August 4-8 Week 3-2017.pdf
Week 4 - September 11-15 Week 4 - 2017.pdf
Week 5 - September 17-18 Week 5 2017.pdf
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