5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade Math. Make sure your student is bringing their planner and math binder home daily.  All vocabulary, homework, study guides, graded papers and other information should be there. 

Listed below are weekly lesson plans and all vocabulary lists so that you can see what is taking place in your student's Math classroom. 

Lesson Plans

Week 1 Lesson Plans 2017.pdf
Week2LessonPlans 2017.pdf
Week3Lesson Plans 2017.pdf
Week4Lesson Plans 2017.pdf
Week 5 Lesson Plans 2017.pdf
Week 6 Lesson Plans 2017.pdf
Week7Lesson Plans 2017.pdf
Week 8 Lesson Plans 2017.pdf
Week9Lesson Plans 2017.pdf
Week 10 Lesson Plans 2017.pdf
Vocabulary Lists
Vocabulary List 1.pdf

Vocabulary List 2.pdf
Vocabulary List 3.pdf
Vocabulary List 4.pdf
Vocabulary List 5.pdf
Vocabulary List 6.pdf