4th Grade


Notes To Parents:

Below, you will find important information, assignments, weekly lesson plans, and links to web-sites.

Feel free to send a note with your child, call the school and schedule a conference, or send an e-mail if you have any questions or concerns.

This Week (Nov. 27 - Dec. 1)

Monday Nov. 27 We will be comparing fractions with different numerators and different denominators. We will also evaluate the reasonableness of sums and differences of fractions.
1. Measuring Up workbook pgs. 72-76

Tuesday Nov. 28  We will review fractions
1. Steps A and B worksheet

Wednesday Nov. 29  We will be locating fractions on a number line.
1. Measuring Up workbook pgs. 52-56

Thursday Nov. 30 We will be creating frequency tables and dot plots.
1. Measuring Up workbook pgs. 258-263

Friday Dec. 1 We will be creating stem and leaf plots
1. Measuring Up workbook pgs. 264-268

Supplies Needed
Please make sure your child has plenty of pencils and erasers.

What you can do at home
Please check your child's math folder or homework folder every night.  Please also study multiplication facts each night.  Fourth grade math is so much easier for students who know their facts by memory!

Teacher E-mail addresses:
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Caroline Carter

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Khan Academy
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