5th Grade


Welcome to 5th Grade ELA! We're working on our last 6 weeks of school. With the time that we have left, we will continue to refine our reading comprehension skills, grammar, and read a few novels! Continue to encourage your child to read A.R. books at home, for doing so only helps build each of their individual reading levels. If you're looking for additional help at home, all students have free access to use Moby Max. This program is a wonderful practice for all subjects, however it’s vocabulary and reading stories tabs are excellent for reading practice. All students are very familiar with logging into this site, and they know their login and password. To access the site, go to:  www.mobymax.com  School Code: TX 488


Important Dates:

Monday, April 17th- Beginning of 6th Grading Period
Reading STAAR Re-Test Tuesday, May 9th

Lesson Plans:

Lesson Plan Week 31.pdf

Lesson Plan Week 32.pdf

Lesson Plan Week 33 (1).pdf

Lesson Plan Week 34.pdf



5th Six Weeks Spelling

{Lewis, McMillan, & Richardson}

Unit 5 Words.pdf
Week 31 (4/17-4/21): Lesson 22
Week 32 (4/24-4/28): Lesson 23
Week 33 (5/1-5/5): Lesson 24
{Porter & Sullivan}

Week 31 (4/10-4/13): Week 31 Word List.pdf
Week 32 (4/24-4/28): Week 32 Word List.pdf
Week 33 (5/1-5/5):Week 33 Word List.pdf

*Students that share Mrs. Richardson & Mrs.Porter, use Mrs. Richardson's list. 

Week 31 (4/10-4/13): Voc Spelling 30.pdf (31)
Week 32 (4/24-4/28): Voc Spelling 32.pdf
Week 33 (5/1-5/5):



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