4th Grade



HOWDY BOYS, GIRLS, & PARENTS!!!  Mrs. Goolsby, Mrs. Griffin, and Mrs. Pope will be taking y'all on a wild adventure this year back into the days before Texas was even thought of.  We will learn how our great state came to be, and about the heroes that made it what it is today! 


Parents, you may use this page, along with the student planner to stay up to date with important dates, events, projects, tests, and assignments.  You will also be able to access lesson plans from here, as they will be uploaded weekly.


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Weekly Lesson Plans:

    Social Studies Week 1 2018
                Social Studies Week 2 2018            
    Social Studies Week 3 2018
    Social Studies Week 4 2018
    Social Studies Week 5 2018
    Social Studies Week 6 2018
    Social Studies Week 7 2018
    Social Studies Week 8 2018
    Social Studies Week 9 2018
    Social Studies Week 10 2018
    Social Studies Week 11 2018
    Social Studies Week 12 2018
    Social Studies Week 13 2018
    Social Studies Week 14 2018
    Social Studies Week 15 2018
    Social Studies Week 16 2018
    Social Studies Week 17 2018
    Social Studies Week 18 2019
    Social Studies Week 19 2019
    Social Studies Week 20 2019
    Social Studies Week 21 2019
    Social Studies Week 25 2019
    Social Studies Week 26 2019
    Social Studies Week 27 2019
    Social Studies Week 28 2019
*March 25th- April 8th- Writing Intervention
*April 15-16- STAAR Benchmark Testing
*April 17th-May 10th- Reading/Math Test Preparation
*Monday, May 13th- 4th grade STAAR Math Test
*Tuesday, May 14th- 4th grade STAAR Reading Test