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Educational Packets for Monday, April 6, 2020
Please text or email a picture of completed packet to your student's teacher.

4th Grade:
Language Arts /Social Studies 4th grade Reading and SS April 13.pdf
Writing /Science 4th grade Science and Writing April 13.pdf
Math   4th grade Math April 13.pdf

5th Grade:
Language Arts /Social Studies  
Math/ Science 

6th Grade:
Language Arts 6th grade Language Arts April 13.pdf
Math 6th grade math April 13.pdf
Science 6th grade Science April 13.pdf
Social Studies 6th grade Social Studies April 13.pdf

Mrs. Alexander's students:
Please click on the link for the website above for Mrs. Alexander's classwork assignments.
If you need a username and password, email

Audible UK on Twitter: "With school closures and social distancing ...

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*School starts at 7:50am.
*Students are tardy at 7:55am.
*Students must be at school by 9am to be counted present.
*Car riders dismissed at 3:25pm.
*Changing your child's transportation plans must be done by 3:00pm.
*All visitors must sign in at the office.

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*If you would like to report an absence, request homework or send a doctor or parent note for an absence, please email Pam Chaple, or call 903-693-8611 ext. 1301 or Fax 903-693-5948.

* If you need homework collected, your child must be absent at least 2 days. Please call in the morning so teachers can send work to the office during their conference. You may pick up after 2:30pm the day you call.

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To schedule a conference, with a teacher, please call the Main Office at 903-693-8611 ext. 1304. Ms. Burkhalter will be glad to assist you with this.

* Parent/legal guardian with whom student resides must accompany student and show State-issued picture ID, i.e. driver's license.  If student lives with someone other than parent/legal guardian with official paperwork, you must also have notarized power of attorney.
* Specific proof of residence according to District policy
* Student's health/immunization records
* Student's social security card
* Student's birth certificate
* Student's final or current report card
* Student's latest standardized test results.
Parents should allow at least one hour to complete registration procedures.

bkThere is a Box Top app you can download onto your phone. Then you can upload you child’s school in that app. Once you’ve done that, you can scan in your Box Top products. They give you 20 cents per Box Top in the app. You can still send the paper Box Top in to the school and the school will get an additional 10 cents for it. So instead of the school getting just 10 cents for the paper Box Top, they are earning 30 cents for each Box Top.

Thanks for helping out Baker Koonce Intermediate by downloading the app and sending in your Box Tops.

Please encourage your child to check the blue lost and found container, in the hallway, outside of the D Hall Office for items they have lost or misplaced. Also encourage them to check with their PE teachers for lost and found items.


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